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Ecosystem investments over the last 90 days

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Trending Life Sciences & HealthTech Investments

Past 90 days
Public & Private Investments | $345.3M Full list
Median $15M
Exits | Undisclosed Full list
M&A 1 • IPO 0 • SPAC 0

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Upcoming Events (9)

AWS Summit - 2023 Tel-Aviv
Wed, May 31 09:00 IST
AWS Summit Tel Aviv - discover how the cloud is accelerating innovation for businesses of all sizes. Unlock new AWS platform skills in a variety of interactive sessions and expand your horizons with talks and workshops from experts. When you attend an AWS Summit, you hear from AWS leaders, experts, partners, and customers. Learn by attending technical breakout sessions, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, labs, and team challenges. Network with AWS partners and your peers in our Partner and Solutions Expo. May 31, 2023 | EXPO Tel Aviv, Pavilion 1, 101 Rokach Blvd
New Retail Fest | 2023
Tue, Jun 06
New Retail Fest is a global community of retailers, brands, retail tech and eCommerce companies, startups, investors, tech companies and everyone involved in the retail technology world. This event presents practical solutions that enable retailers and brands to stay relevant in these difficult times, connect decision makers and enable the creation of new business opportunities. Main event will be held on 7-June-2023 and VIP event on 6-June-2023
Geektime Code 2023
Mon, Jun 12 08:30 IST
The Largest Developers' Conference in Israel will be held at Pavilion 10, Expo-Tel-Aviv. Focused on learning, inspiration, and networking, Geektime Code 2023 is a developers conference for developers. Join over 1,200 of the most talented developers, architects, and inspiring speakers for cutting-edge sessions on the latest technologies, platforms, services, and trends. Whether you are a full-stack developer, solutions architect, CTO, or even just looking your way into coding, this is an event you can’t afford to miss!
NodeTLV - 2023
Wed, Jun 28 09:00 IST
NodeTLV is an international conference for Javascript backend developers and the companies that use NodeJS in their stack, but more than that, NodeTLV is a great way to get in touch with the NodeJS community, find seasoned developers for your company, listen to the latest news in the NodeJS world and seek out new job opportunities!
Tue, Jul 18 08:30 IST
Lynx Cybersecurity Summit – the new cybersecurity conference by People & Computers. Expand your knowledge, meet fellow cybersecurity professionals, make new connections and get inspired.
Agritech Israel 2023 | TBD - October
Sun, Oct 01
A global audience of Agri-innovation professionals and industry leaders will gather in TEL-AVIV for a unique event aimed to expose Innovative technologies in the field of agriculture focusing on the impact of climate change and food security issues and the latest innovative solutions.
PLANETech World 2023
Wed, Oct 18
The Climate Tech Conference PLANETech World 2023 TEL AVIV, ISRAEL
PGDay Israel 2023
Thu, Oct 19
7th Annual PostgreSQL Conference in Israel This event is part of the efforts to grow the PostgreSQL community by increasing awareness and providing the appropriate resources to further PostgreSQL adoption PGDay Israel 2023 is recognised under the PostgreSQL Global community event guidelines and is directly helping the PostgreSQL community
Sports Tech Nation 2023
Mon, Nov 06 - Thu, Nov 09
The Sports Tech Nation Summit is the best place for your brand to gain visibility within the sports tech community. 06 - 09 November 2023 Tel Aviv, Israel
Ecosystem investments over the last 90 days
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